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Aug 29, 2015
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Aug 29, 2015



I said hey you there,

I thought I told you that I did declare; it was not fair

But now I will make it clear as I step out, feel the heat pump, pump.

My sisters and I know what we do when we rock our rhythm and blues,

Cash, flash, wave from side to side, slide, glide.

Moving on we only abide by what the music says

Hand in hand, we stay fresh

Walking through town being exciting, entincing

Come closer and we shall take you away to the night breeze

 You will be dancing in this festival till the morning light,

So, let’s dance, dance, dance,

We want to see you clap your hands in awe

Spin around till you crack your spleen

Come together, have a good time, celebrate.

Do not be deliberate in sharing the joy glimming on your soul,

Just get down, down, feel it, enjoy it

We both know it; you need it

That is the dancing which is in the way you show it

Our night, your night, a wild night it is!

Everything will definitely be alright

Do not forget your dancing shoes better get to the stepping, running,

I said hey you there

Join in; creep it’s a special occasion

There is a gleam sight of the next life

Let’s dance, dance, and dance

As we, open our hearts.

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Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato is a poet, who luvs making friends,is Focused,Optimistic and happens to be a Law Student.