Chill Pill-QnPoetry

Aug 29, 2015
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Aug 29, 2015

Chill Pill-QnPoetry


Do not stress.

Take a chill pill.

I just want to love you.

It is you that I feel,

You are the only one that can heal,

This drained energy.

There is no particular chronology,

For this mysterious ideology,

So baby, do not stress,

Take a chill pill,

And just let me love you.

I will not give you everything,

But I can give you love and protection,

Do not doubt that!

When I knock at the door of your heart,

Please open that door,

Let me in,

Embrace the love that I come with

Let my application through

Get into the groove,

And let’s get this story started.

Put aside those bitter sweet cries,

As we meet and greet,

Sit and eat,

Glow and grow,

Together, forever


Give this a chance,

Not just a glance.

I know we are not like Will Smith and Jada,

But we are unbreakable,

I know this for a fact.

Do not stress.

Take a chill pill.

Let me love you,

Let me hold you,

Let me cook for you,

That is all I desire.

I love you.

Go ahead and reject,

This important sect,

From the chambers of my heart,

The point still stays,

I love you,

I really do,

Just saying.

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Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato is a poet, who luvs making friends,is Focused,Optimistic and happens to be a Law Student.