Jul 10, 2015

The Last Stand

Crimson red drops stain his armor Like a flood the enemy washes over their defenses The night sky is clear and the moonlight illuminates their blades […]
Jul 10, 2015

Fade To Black

Why do your memories still haunt my waking dreams? If I sleep in darkness will I still dream of the light? Daily my heart is rent […]
Nov 27, 2013

I See the Best

I See the Best Golden jacket of hope,check Diamond boots of confidence,check One,two,three up,up and away, I go! I stand with this pumped up chest
Sep 18, 2013

My Heart Turns To Stardust

My Heart Turns To Stardust Velocity of the wind high, Black clouds above me static, Photons from the stars dark, And my heart turns to stardust
Sep 4, 2013


I AN INSTRUMENT The sounds of a Trombone, Melting inside my femur bone. The Recorder sounds flowing through the violent districts, Calling for law and order.
Aug 21, 2013


BLACKNESS I have seen madness, the hysterical insanity, anger and the naked terror of the smartest minds of my generations past and mine ,shattered from gunshots […]