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Apr 12, 2016
Hawa Musa A’Baale
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Apr 14, 2016



We will stand on this rock of light

Cleanse our bodies of shallow thoughts

Capture the positive whispers the deities have blessed us with

Time in, time out

We have been the dry grass

Leaves that wither from the oak trees

Hollow in mind and soul

Over taken into toxicomania

And this my friends is how the world ends,

This is how the world is going to end

This is how the world is going to end

All because we are not the men we ought to be

But enough of this exercise

Let us seize and analyse

And under this grey weather

We can conquer what is ours

Move from being princes to kings

Keep trying and never give up to the beat of defeat

Let us do this for our women

We are doing it for love, wealth, power

Moving away from being wriggly

Changing to full rhythm in foison

Start with you and you and you

It is clear; here for you to hold dear

Take the time to process, possess, confess, address

Hit the pause button on being digressive

Venture through the unknown foot paths

Profit will bless your endeavour

Let us be the men we need to be!

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Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato is a poet, who luvs making friends,is Focused,Optimistic and happens to be a Law Student.