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Feb 10, 2016
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Feb 19, 2016

MR Big Stuff-QnPoetry


Mr. Big stuff, I see how you swing,

With your fancy smile that has queens swirling,

Then look at your fat car you use for your little game play

But you blame the beautiful ones for trying to keep you satsisfied

Leaving them to tears that they have cried out from their hearts

I mean is there not a fair play in your world? Just a little bit think about it

Corridor to corridor your presence has sucked the good souls

At this point we have gathered your facts and there are plenty of fouls

Ask Anita, Rita, Julia, their dry testimonies on their love for you speak for itself

So Mr. Big Stuff you better take the train to the next town

The love here is no more; to be more loud and clear; dead and gone.

Blossom on the trees will guide you to a colourful venture

Freedom will let you know how it feels to have a new life

And you will be feeling mighty good about yourself

The groovy evening will leave you with space to meditate, contemplate.

We have had enough of your spookiness that leaves us guessing

You have been such a ghost bringing horrors to our dreams

But you just lit our fires to burn you out of our minds

Rest in peace Mr. Big Stuff we are through

The answers have been given to you though we wish the best works out for you!

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Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato
Juliet Nyakato is a poet, who luvs making friends,is Focused,Optimistic and happens to be a Law Student.