Discover East Africa’s Delicious Street Foods

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May 4, 2017
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May 5, 2017

Discover East Africa’s Delicious Street Foods

You have not lived well in Kampala if you have not had to sample some of the delicious street foods offered by vendors around the city. Of course, it is quite obvious that you will not find the street vendors around the upscale neighborhoods such as Kololo, Nakasero, and upper Buziga in Kampala.

Street food in most countries is where local food vendors show their creative side and make sure you get from the busiest stalls because those are the ones with the best food. Here are some of the best street foods from the East African region.


One of the oldest civilisations on the continent with a culture that has been well protected from the heavy Western influence for generations, Ethiopia will delight with its cuisines. Through Addis Ababa, walk past all those well organised restaurants and make your way along the market streets. That is where you will find the delicious street foods you are looking for. Make sure you try some of these delights;

  • Ethiopian coffee

You will find a gathering, sharing stories while tasting some of the world’s most delicious coffee. Sit down and join them and give yourself a taste of Ethiopia.

  • Akkras

Crunchy and filled with flavour made from black eyed peas with chilli peppers and onion flavours, Akkras is a definite must try.

  • Injera

Maybe one of the most known Ethiopian food, Injera is a flat bread prepared with sourdough and teff; best enjoyed while still hot.


Leading the holiday destination list in East Africa means you have a lot to serve, from friendly people to delicious foods. The food is mostly hot, spicy, and filled with flavours that give you a fusion of Asia/ Arab and Africa. Tanzania will definitely steal your heart, so what foods will make you stroll the streets of Arusha, Dar, and Zanzibar?

  • Chips Mayai

You have to try this mixture of eggs and potato fries that are found during the night and day street food markets.

  • Kahawa na Kashata

Meaning coffee and candy, this is one of the most traditional coastal street foods in East Africa. The coffee is usually black with a hint of ginger, if you want it a little spicy.

  • Grilled Fish

All the delicious bounties of the Indian ocean and lake ranging from tilapia, to crab or lobster on a stick and of course octopus. The delicious smells will not let you pass these delicious treats.

  • Supu Ya Pweza

This is a delicious and steaming dish of octopus soup that will refresh you after a night around town.


Nairobi is the leading economy in East africa and with some of the best eateries in the region. But the best foods are found on the streets of the city; away from the CBD is where life begins in the evening.

  • Mshikaki

This is a kebab like meat on a stick that is grilled over a charcoal stove, the meat can be mixed with onions and green pepper merging delicious flavors.

  • Viazi Karai

Coated in light mixtures of flour and spices, this deep fried dish of irish potatoes is quite addictive.

  • Mayai Boiro

Basically a boiled egg with kachumbari, which is a common late night street food in Nairobi. Maiyai boiro can be eaten with hot sauce.


The pearl of Africa, her beauty is wild and still hard to tame and her people are warm with cultures that bring history alive. Kampala has one of the most lively street life in the region, it goes up to the wee hours of the morning depending on what neighborhood you find yourself in.

  • Rolex

The king of Uganda street food is a chapati with eggs, onions and tomatoes rolled in side. The celebrity street food has made its way to the international media scene with CNN, BBC to mention but a few. You can find the rolex on the streets across Uganda.

  • TV Chicken

No, it is not chicken in a television set but one that is cooked in a rotisserie. The best places to get this is in Wandegeya market. There is even a section dedicated to the customers to sit and enjoy.

  • Fritters

Not known as fritters but more like an array of deep fried, sweet potatoes, cassava, irish potatoes, samosas and mandazi.


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