Aug 14, 2013
Thomas Rapa Ricky – Qn-Quotes
“We are professionals who know what we are doing,from which we’ve built a good reputation.Our clients never tire of recommending us to their friends,who also do […]
Jul 2, 2013
Ivan Odongo-Qn-Quotes
“Making billions out of it would be really humbling, what would mean so much more to me, is to see Spradar.com become one gigantic online platform.” […]
Jun 18, 2013
Rhoda Mukasa-Qn-Quotes
Rhoda Mukasa-“Always have a passion for something and make it count! Secondly, believe in something, always and yourself for you will always be your best critic. […]
Jun 5, 2013
Joan Kataike – Qn-Quotes
“There is nothing impossible for God on this planet. Just start with what you have and remember to be patient, persistent and focused, you’ll achieve anything” […]
Apr 29, 2013
Henry Ngonzi – Qn-Quotes
“Never, ever, ever give up. Be bold and push on. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Henry Ngonzi.
Apr 22, 2013
An Xiao Mina – Qn-Quotes
“I hope to be remembered as someone who lived her life with both passion and compassion…” – An Xiao Mina