Oct 29, 2013
George William Bakka-Qn Quotes
“So if our focus is to have a city we are all proud of living in and we are committed to that vision, then it should […]
Oct 15, 2013
Apio Winnie – Qn-Quotes
“I believe success is doing what you have the most passion for and being able to reap from it.” – Apio Winnie   CLICK HERE TO READ […]
Sep 17, 2013
Brenda Wairimu-Qn-quotes
“Believe, begin, and become! Work hard, it really does pay.” Brenda Wairimu   Read the Full interview We would love to here from you,drop us all […]
Sep 3, 2013
Allen Majara-Qn-quotes
“Music is a powerful force that catches our souls, alters our moods and represents who we are. As such, the benefits list is endless.” – Allen Majara  […]
Aug 27, 2013
Mister Deejay-Qn-quotes
“The act of deejaying itself is not difficult. With the right tools, you can teach yourself like I did. All it takes is practice and patience.” […]
Aug 20, 2013
Clayton Nyakana – Qn-Quotes
“I would like to start a mentoring programme where I help young, talented and upcoming designers and developers learn how to properly administer their skills and […]