Why Travelers Prefer Using Online Travel Agencies

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Why Travelers Prefer Using Online Travel Agencies


With the rapid growth of technology every passing year, many developments in different sectors of the economy emerge; creating employment opportunities and ease of which some of the work is done.

Online Travel Agencies are part of a wave of e-commerce businesses that solely operate online but usually have partners they work with in the travel and hospitality industry all over the country or the world.

OTAs are travel websites that offer travel planning sources and booking services to travelers. Some agencies can focus on hotel or flight booking and at the same time there are others that for more than one service; flight, hotel and travel packages for the countries they are in.

Depending on the countries they are centered in, OTAs have had a major increase in business when it comes to the countries they are based due to; internet growth, liberal and suitable company/ tax laws, good political environment among other factors. The reverse is also true, in that some companies will fail due to low technological growth, high taxes or lack of investor incentives, poor management etcetera.

Travelers prefer using OTAs whilst planning their sojourn due to some of these reasons:

Huge Database

Most OTAs especially the commonly used ones have a big database of hotels, airlines that you can easily browse through according to the destination you want to go to. This makes it easier for you than bookmarking several hotel websites or waiting to book on arrival.

Price Comparability

The good thing about having several hotels/ airlines on one site is being able to compare their prices for the same services offered. So instead of rushing to booking without checking for other affordable options and hence helping you make a less costly decision.

Discounted Packages

Most online travel agencies such as Jumia Travel usually have different travel packages on the site available to travelers and at times with huge discounts. Even better, you can ask for tailormade packages when you do not find one that suits your needs and if possible the OTA gets them for you.

Real Customer Reviews

It is always best to look through hotel/airlines reviews from some of the guests/ flyers who have been there before you book due to the wallet friendly prices. The good thing about OTAs is that users are able to post a review whether glowing or harsh about the advertised airline or hotel.

Flexible Dates

Instead of stressing about getting another booking after your travel dates change, all you have to do is change your dates on the site. The agency will handle the rest; call the hotel and reschedule your check in date or find you another place within your budget.

Good For Planning

It is easier to make a budget and plan for your itinerary when using OTAs since they have most of what you are looking for on one page. You get to book a hotel, book a flight, and schedule activities.

Jumia Travel
Jumia Travel
Jumia Travel is an online hotel booking service with offices in Kampala(Uganda), Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya) and Dakar (Senegal) founded by Africa Internet Group and has MTN and Millicom as its investors. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 booking portal, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. Jumia Travel has over 25,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.