Flight Etiquette: What You Need To Know

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May 9, 2017
Sep 16, 2017

Flight Etiquette: What You Need To Know

Air travel has been around for years now and even though it is not the most used mode of transportation in Uganda, it has slowly picked up. Borders open up and economies boom because people are able to transact from one country to another. Air travel has contributed to employment and tourism growth in so many countries all over the world. Even though there are many people that use this mode of transportation, very few adhere to the simple obviously unstated rules of air travel. Here are some few you can follow to have a comfortable flight for you and the other travelers.


It all starts at home when you are packing, your journey can either be delayed because of this or made uncomfortable. First know what they allow on your flight, from the approved luggage weight to the items allowed on board. Once you board the plan, don’t lurk in the hallway while everyone else is boarding, you will cause traffic.

Carry- On Space

Use the allocated carry on luggage space, do not hog everyone else’s. You are not the only passenger on the flight and everyone is allocated a minimal space. So if your carry-on luggage is too big for that space at least politely ask someone who doesn’t have any to put it in theirs.


Well if you have flown before, you know that every passenger is allocated a seat. This helps the airline with accountability on how many seats they sold for a certain flight as well as organisation when passengers are boarding. Yet still after some people tend to switch seats which sometimes delays the boarding process. Don’t be the annoying neighbor who keeps reclining their seat without asking if it’s OK with the person behind you. Or one who assumes all the armrests are meant for them.


Traveling with the little ones is not as easy as it looks, especially toddlers, but letting them run amok isn’t acceptable. Find a way to keep them in check so that you do not inconvenience the other passengers. People will be understanding when you apologise for your children’s behaviour but they will sympathise with you more when they see you trying your best to keep them in line.


There are people who do not know what common courtesy is, this is worse when you are on a long flight and have to use the bathroom. It being a tiny space, it needs to be clean. Do not leave your mess for other passengers to find.


Not everyone will be able to afford plane food since it tends to be more expensive, some airlines allow you to pack snacks especially if the journey is going to be long. Please be mindful, do not pack foods that will smell the whole aisle, it might induce nausea in some passengers.


So you are on a flight with your friend, you are catching on stories so as to pass time through the flight. Kindly make sure you are not too loud for people five seats away to be listening in. Some people might not be tell you, some might tell the air hosts to inform you to lower your voices.

It’s also possible that your neighbor might not want to engage in conversation especially if they have their earphones on. Grab a book and keep yourself engaged.


Maybe not a common thing around Ugandans but more common in the west since most people travel with their pets. Dogs and cats are so adorable, so fluffy and invite loving eyes from the ladies but not everyone is going to be comfortable with them out of their carriers. Keep your pet in the stipulated area not cause friction with other passengers.


Don’t rush out of the plane just because it has landed, wait in line since aeroplane aisle is a narrow space that can only take a few people for awhile. Don’t remove your carryon luggage till the person seated below the space has moved or you might drop stuff on them or ask first. Patience pays in this case.


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