MALI Drama

Apr 15, 2015

Daniel Peter weke-Qn Quotes

“Let no one demoralize your ambitions. You are in charge of your own path ,so,plaster the road well.” Daniel Peter weke
Mar 18, 2014

Daniel peter weke-Five Plus interview

Daniel Peter Weke is a normal, humble individual and an ambition chaser, who happens to be a student in the United States International University(USIU),an  MC, business […]
Sep 17, 2013
Brenda Wairimu-Qn-quotes
“Believe, begin, and become! Work hard, it really does pay.” Brenda Wairimu   Read the Full interview We would love to here from you,drop us all […]
Jul 15, 2013

Brenda Wairimu – Five Plus Interview

Many call her Lulu, because of the character she played in Mali, for which she was awarded Best Female Actress, while others call her Dallah after her character in […]