Slim Emcee UG The poet-five-plus-interview

Sep 4, 2013
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Sep 9, 2013

Slim Emcee UG The poet-five-plus-interview

Slim Emcee [UG] the poet a.k.a Kabubi Herman is a Copywriter and a cofounder of Fortune Unlimited where he is an administrator, poetry teacher, mentor, writer, Mc, as well as a performance poet. He also represents other movements such as Poetry in session, Bavubuka Dynasty, B.Global, and Afrikan Yoga

Slim Emcee,interesting name ,is it your birth name and what does it mean?

My birth name is Kabubi Herman, Slim: I hold this name because to me it means self acceptance.Whether small or fat ,dark or light skinned,tall or short.You have to appreciate the way you were created

To be a good poet does it need to have a powerful command of the “Queen’s language” or maybe you have your own secret portion you would like to tell us about that makes you tick?

To be a good poet, one needs to have a critical eye at all times, a prolific mind is also paramount, plus the writing skill.

When did you start doing poetry?

I begun poetry in 2012 and my first poem was/is “Val for Val”

What do you do to earn a living?

I earn from my talent through writing poetry pieces for various people depending on the events that they plan to hold and the themes. I also perform on various platforms, teach performance poetry, do freelance Copywriting, vocals, I also work with Bayimba Cultural Foundation as the DOADOA Coordinator and others.

What schools did you go to?

I went to Kyambogo University where i attained a Bachelor of Community Based Rehabilitation.

Is education really relevant or we should be taught how to make money, what’s your take?

We spend many years in school hoping to come out not only to better our families, but also our societies and the entire nation which in most cases never happens. Instead of wasting alot of time trying to master the Canadian Prairies, why not spare all that time and learn an Income Generating Activity? Many of our graduates lack Entrepreneurship skills and as they leave the higher institutions and storm people’s offices looking for jobs, they forget that the world today needs to know what one holds inside his or her brain and how it can change people’s lives not how many documents he or she holds.

We should be taught to be creative to be able to change our nation to be a better place than to be taught how to make money alone.

 All of us need to discover our inner abilities call them talents in order to simplify our lives. It is so sad to see that a certain portion of society considers Artistes/Artistes as failures forgetting that most of them depend on their unique mineral as they fight with the same school qualification to find jobs and make their lives better.

There is a high rate of school drop outs especially for the girl child ,what do you think can be done to curb this?

About the high rate of school drop outs, parents need to give birth to only the few that they can manage to look after. We also need to understand that having many children is not a sign of respect. It is a sign of poor planning because as time goes on, you are struggling to meet the basic needs. Everyone needs not to understand but to overstand that education is a basic need and if a child reaches the age of going to school, the Biological parents must avail that child with the best education.

Some parents out there who have girls tend to look at them as their source of wealth to the extent that they have denied them the right to go to school and have forced them into marriage at an early age.

Schools should also come up with programs that help those children who are willing to learn but cannot afford to pay the school fees.

Any final remarks?

I would like to end by requesting everyone out there to support Art and Culture in Uganda and also to respect and love one another to make the nation and the entire world a better place. We need to wake up, wise up, and rise up. Instead of thinking first what the government has done for us, we should ask ourselves what we have done for those in our societies.


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