Sandra Suubi’s Nsiimye Tour Recap

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Sandra Suubi’s Nsiimye Tour Recap

Sandra, Masha and Tonya on stage

Sandra, Masha and Tonya performing

Paul Kim, the man who was behind the first love studios is one of the happiest souls in heaven after watching how grown Sandra Suubi has become musically! Paul is one of the people that believed in Sandra Suubi when no one knew her and taught her how to majestically slay with her voice to the perfection that we enjoyed on the 13th and 17th May maiden Nsiimye tour concerts.

Masha backing up at the Nsiimye Tour

Masha, one of Sandra Suubi’s back ups

On 13th, we were hosted at Mavuno Church Kampala where music was on its flyest point with curtain raisers like Jehovah Acapella group, Essie of the Aka dope band, Mike O music (who also happens to be a pastor at Mavuno Church) and Sifala jazz band from Nairobi, Kenya. The show on 17th May was hosted by Deliverance Church Makerere and the characters that shared the stage with her were The FRESH dancers, Annet Mutyaba, The Golden Gloves (who are a group of 3 young college students doing spoken word) and Joseph a young man who loves singing with his acoustic guitar

Both shows begun at a few minutes past 6pm. Sandra also put her artistic hands into her costumes. The necklace she wore for the first outfit on the first show was a product of her recycled plastic bottles. For the 2nd show, she worked with a friend to bring together her first outfit of a black dresstop with silver linings made out of broken mirrors. The other two outfits were by Pintos boutique (one of the sponsors of the Nsiimye tour) and I must say, they did an awesome job with the outfits that they chose for her, because they matched her body shape and melanin. For this, I will give them a hand clap 👏 👏 👏 . They surely reminded me of the royal wedding.

The production for both shows was mastered to perfection and all the instrumentalists we’re on point with the sound perfectly syncopated. I will agree that the first show got a technical issue with the sound in the middle of the show but am glad it was rectified and the show got back on the groove! One thing is for sure, with or without any technical issues, Sandra still delivered and her performance was epic! The exuberant performance she put out left the technical issue almost unnoticed by the audience as they cheered her on in great amazement. The band was composed of the talented vocalists and instrumentalists that dressed in angelic white giving the stage and an extra stunning beauty. Masha, Betty, and Rasto, your vocal touch added indescribable beauty to Sandra’s performance. The instrumentalists with Phil on the lead, you deserve a presidential hand shake.

Sandra Suubi and the Bravaz Dance Crew

Sandra Suubi performing with the Bravaz Dance crew.

Sandra started off her first performance with “Kingdom Come” a single off her EP “Anthems of Life” accompanied by the Bravaz Dance crew. It was such an energetic and entertaining performance that brought another of mesmerizing looks on the crowd. I must say, it was the best way to capture all the attention of the audience from looking at their phones to focusing on the stage. It was more like a roar by the Lion, the king of the jungle saying, “the Lioness is here! ” She went ahead and also performed with Benezeri, the long missed Ugandan hip-hop star on the song “Togwaamu Suubi” a luganda word that is directly translated as “Don’t lose hope.” Though the people that attended the 1st show missed out on Benezeri, they enjoyed watching Sandra Spitting rhymes like it’s hot as she lip sucked every word that Benezeri sung and she murderered them to perfect awesomeness. “I won’t turn back ” another single where she featured the Watoto Children’s choir also featured on the performance list. It was such a sweet moment to sing along and declare with the audience that We, won’t turn back the way we used to be! Besides, who would want to turn back to being the loser they were before they met Jesus??! That is surely not me. Hehehe…


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It is one thing to become a star and forget where you came from and it’s another to remember where you came from. Sandra did the latter remembering how she started singing from home during fellowships when her parents always asked her to lead in a song, to when she joined Gayaza Girl’s school in S.2 and sung for the class for the first time ever leaving the class mesmerized and that’s how she met a friend who connected her to Paul Kim of the First Love studios, who later became an icon in her musical career. This led to the formation of Xabu, a girl’s group that helped her grow musically, advanced and went for the Airtel Trace Music Star competitions in 2015 where she emerged the winner and went ahead to represent Uganda in Africa where she emerged as the 4th runner up! Isn’t that dope?? With all this, she never denounced singing gospel and inspirational music. Suubi, you are a real devoted daughter of the most high.



Sandra, Masha and Tonya on stage

Sandra, Masha and Tonya performing

She never denounced singing gospel and inspirational music. Suubi, you are a real devoted daughter of the most high.

She was also joined by Tonya 1/3 of Xabu and Masha representing the final half of the girl’s group (representing Brenda) who couldn’t make it to the show. They performed songs like Serengeti love, African woman, among others. This performance was a twist. It actually was like the Destiny’s Child live as the girls took the left, right and centre position while performing. This doesn’t really happen everyday so I must say we were all lucky to be treated to it. It had been a while since I listened to such sweet and mature vocals but the Nsiimye tour gave me the sweet opportunity.

Alright! There was a special mother’s day surprise. This was packaged and delivered by the celebrated female singers in the Ugandan music industry such as Baroness, Shifah Musisi, Essie of the aka dope band, among others. They renditioned the song “mama” by Hon Judith Babirye and whoever missed, all I can say is that it will cost you alot to watch it again. It was a touch of many vocals all praising the special mothers in the world for the love they have shown the children. Sandra went ahead and sung for her mother and the smile that was seen on her face showed how pleased and special she felt to have her daughter singing for her on stage. I mean this doesn’t happen everyday. It’s always a special occasion that makes us with no singing voices head straight to “wish land”

People also shared their testimonies on Sandra’s request. Some thanked God for life, jobs, payment of tuition, being in the same generation as Sandra Suubi, among others. This ushered in the big performance of the night which was non other than the song, NSIIMYE! sandra was joined by the Clay dance company that delivered the contemporary dance for the song. The song started with Sandra in the middle surrounded by the contemporary dancers, the vocal power house delivered a Grammy performance to the audience. The performance was emotional, connected, engaging, anointed and everything perfect. The audience was also seen breaking down and having a moment to thank God for everything, even for the air that we breathe. Am sure God above and the Holy Spirit were super grateful for a willing vessel that was used to touch and change souls to himself. This to me was the highlight of the tour because as a Christian, the difference between a secular show and a gospel show is that moment whereby the Holy Spirit moves and people receive the touch of the Holy Spirit and having souls converted to Christ. God knows how sweet I felt at that moment. Someone even pass me a tissue please… 😅😅Thank you.


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The cream to the cake was the moment we got to listen to and also watch Sandra and Cooper Ssali of Gway singing their new song (wasn’t released yet) being performed live! The single is titled “Abel” and I must say it’s a bomb that I can’t wait to explode. It’s a wrecking ball!

The last performance of the night was “Jangu Tuzine” a luganda word translated as “Come Let’s dance.” It is a lovely song that reminds people to forget about the worries and problems of the world and dance. The performance had the clay dance company giving us some salsa and Spanish dance moves. They later reached out to the crowd and got themselves partners to dance with. We danced till we all said the words of the grace.

Thanks to all the sponsors, Power FM Uganda, Pintos Boutique, Mavuno Church Kampala, Deliverance Church Makerere and the organizers of the tour, Karizm . May God bless you all.

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