Samuel Ibanda-Five Plus Interview

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Nov 5, 2013
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Samuel Ibanda-Five Plus Interview

Meet Samuel Ibanda a Professional in the Performing Arts of Dance, Music & Theatre.He is a self-aware, thick skinned, friendly, honest, man of his word, passionate, patient  and God fearing.We as The One Question Network  pride in having had a chat with him ,please follow the link below and know more about him

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What words describe who you are?

Words like, self-aware, thick skinned, friendly, honest, man of my word, passionate, patient and caring, God fearing…. oh and very private etc

Tell us more about yourself, Who is Samuel ibanda and what does he do to earn a living?

I am a born raised and bread Ugandan with 9 brothers and sisters, mum and Dad 😉

in summary went to for school went to wandegeya nursery, Bat valley primary school, then to Busoga college Mwiri for my O-level from there to Aga khan secondary school for my A-level then Yale. Did software engineering at Aptech (did not fully complete) and Cisco networking at Makerere University.

I am a person who is principled and have managed to have almost no regrets so far in this world. Having studied networking i only practiced it one year and went back to my passion entertainment.

When i was very young i always knew i needed to know or do three things in this world which are , be an architect(never knew the word then just liked the idea of designing building still do), Be an entertainer and finally study Human sexuality(sexology)which i will still do God willing.

How do i earn a living! from one of the three Entertainment,I teach people how to dance mostly under latin Flavor Uganda a latin basis dance company, especially the Latin styles of dancing(Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha, salsa, etc), contemporary, hip hop at the National theatre and i have worked with different dance company from Exposure, Obsessions, Lynch company in Denmark and now Latin flavor uganda

( and keiga Dance company, and managed to work in dance projects, theatre projects in uganda and in different parts of the world .

I do also sing managed to earn a little out of it otherwise hoping to earn more as people get to understand my style of music and inspiration behind it even as i want to earn, i would like to be paid because what i do a do well and with my heart and passion.

you can listen and buy some of my songs here:

You refer to yourself as a self-made dancer, how is it so?

Well it’s because i am self taught. from the start i had interest that no one had with me and knowledge for especially with the coupled dances. i took time to try things out on my own listened to the music sometimes i got it write or wrong, now that i have travelled i know and after a while i worked with my partner then who had access to internet for videos even as i find them a little distracting…..with african contemporary it was Jonas (Director Keiga dance company) who introduced me to it. so Basically i did not go for a dance degree.

Mostly i will say its a God given talent i managed to know and stand with .

Is it possible to convert a hobby or talent to a form income generation, if so how?

Oh yes depending on which talent this is and where in the world you are.

first you need to have an interruptible focus to polish your Talent, have a vision too and here i will talk for Dance, Music and acting. Everyday must be like working for a masters, then you find a team to help you on your admin…..but be on top of your talent and vision. And get strategic this way you will find it becoming, Income generation

Just know its not easy and you know support.

What is your best childhood memory?

The day my mum left home and after that she came home with a little baby gal, she was like mine the best gift, could not take my eyes off her 🙂

What is the “90Minutes with Samuel ibanda” all about?

It’s an experience, a fusion of Music dance and poetry with live music. Having from the first second of the 90minutes a journey through my inspiration, music, dance and other artists’ works and personalities i respect.

What’s your perception of life?

Life is every second, that goes past. As i think of the next billion seconds, my most precious second is the one before me.

Where do you envision yourself in 5years time?

Having managed to contribute to the belief that talent can also be a strong livelihood and that couple dancing is spread around the country not only as a social activity also as way as income generating through teaching , workshops, team building , performances , therapy and in schools as a brain stimulate etc.

And also have my music out there….! wonder what that is 🙂

Any final remarks?

For all my fans, friends, family, Ugandans and over and beyond, everyday we strive to

reach, be open and rational, to stand with each other for everything has a purpose.

Be blessed.

NB: to all who believe and support me i am always humbled.


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