Gadgets Every Traveler Needs In 2017

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Gadgets Every Traveler Needs In 2017


There are people that were blessed with intellect that surpasses the ordinary, people that easily see through how something works and create an even better accessory. These very people create gadgets that will make traveling such an easy breezy hat you even forget the fatigue that comes after; some of these gadgets are very important especially when it comes to long journeys.

Fitness Tracker

You love traveling but also are a regular gym buddy which makes it hard to keep up with your exercise regiment; not all the places you will travel to will have gym access meaning you will need something to keep you on track. Gadgets like fitbit, samsung’s smartwatch, and Apple’s 8th generation iPod Nano are among some of those gadgets fitted with fitness apps which can help you stay on track while traveling.

Smart Suitcase

Its 2017 so forget about losing your luggage or being told that you over packed your way beyond the flight limit. Of course it being a smart suitcase doesn’t mean it will carry itself through the check in section at the airport but it means it will help you charge your phone, tell you what your luggage limit is, only be unlocked by your phone and even make it easy for you to track your property whilst on your journey. You can find these smart suitcases on Amazon.

Solar Charger

This one of the best inventions one can have especially when traveling to remote areas where it will be hard for you to charge your other vital gadgets such as phones and laptops. Solar chargers are not as new but because very few people realise how important they are. All you need is to put it in the sun for a day and you have charging power for almost a day depending on how many gadgets you have. Be careful not to purchase the roadside ones, look through tech shops and solar energy centers for genuine products.

E- Readers and Tablets

For anyone who loves reading books, you can go through a 600 page in hours meaning you are going to need a new book to replace the excitement of the previous, so you will need to carry your “preciouses” wherever you go and they can be quite many. E- readers like Kindle can give you over a 1000 books all easily accessible whilst your Tablet can act as a surrogate laptop, camera worktop and phone for any urgent business ideas. These can be easily found in gadget shops around Uganda at variable prices.

Unlocked Mifi

The growth of social media and other modern communication tools makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your family even if you a thousands of miles away from them. All that needs internet connections and with so many service providers who can avail you with portable mifis, it makes it easy for you to get in touch. It is only easier to move with one across borders if you unlock it.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

Everyone needs music in their life wherever they go. So why not get yourself portable speakers/ headphones for the time when you need a theme song, maybe going for a run or when you are watching a good movie and need good sound. Check Jumia for the best prices.

Solar LED Lights

These are so easy to find around Kampala so you do not have to stress yourself on where to find these since they are almost available at every petrol station. These lights can shine can last up to 16 hours if fully charged.

Smart Padlock

All it needs is an app on your phone and you will be able to secure your luggage as well as track it through the journey.

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