Ivan Onyadi

Thomas Ssemakula
Jan 15, 2013
George W. Bakka
Jan 15, 2013

Ivan Onyadi

Ivan Onyadi is a professional nurse-turned-social entrepreneur, founder and Managing Director of Real Nursing and Healthcare Ltd, which is trading as Real Health. Below are excerpts from the interview he agreed to let us do.

Ivan Onyadi

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In brief who is Ivan Onyadi?
Ivan Onyadi is a professional nurse-turned-social entrepreneur, a sociable and hardworking young man, the founder and Managing Director of Real Nursing and Healthcare Ltd.

What is past work experience?
I worked at Seroma Christian School in 2008/2009 as the school’s clinician. I then worked at Kololo Hospital and CASE Hospital between 2009/2010 as in-patient nurse. In 2011, I worked at Hospice Africa Uganda, a palliative care organization caring for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. Currently, I am based at my enterprise, Real health, to develop it into a leading healthcare service company of choice in Uganda and East Africa as well.

You have developed a health management solution for the low income earner. What is it?

Yes. At Real Health, we have developed a healthcare solution for the mass market, the low income earners, which we categorize as micro-medical insurance, branded as Real Health Medicare. Real Health Medicare is a flexible and affordable micro-medical insurance service developed for the low income earning population in Uganda. To get this service, clients register at our company offices and pay an annual subscription fee that entitles them to a classic medical card, which when presented at our clinics or at our partner service providers countrywide, will access medical care/treatment instantly, provided their accounts are still valid(terms and conditions apply). Clients have options of paying in installments and can top up their accounts in small amounts even with mobile money payments, thus making the service flexible and affordable. There are different benefits received according to the subscription package chosen by client.


What are the benefits of your solution to the low income earner?

The benefits to the low income earners are:

  • Instant/fast medical treatment at our service centers countrywide.
  • Medical care/treatments of worth five times the subscription value, thus value for money.
  • No payments for treatment at service centers if the annual coverage amount of is not exhausted.
  • Easy accesses to healthcare since Real Health partners with other health providers in areas where we can’t have own facilities, and we are continuing growing our network to many locations in Uganda.
  • The solution is affordable with packages for as low as UGX.55,000 per year.
  • Real Health provides flexible payment options for clients who can’t manage whole payments with options for mobile money payments.

Where do you view Real Health in ten years?
I am looking at Real Health being a leading healthcare management service company of choice in Uganda and East Africa leading in healthcare products for both low and middle income earners.

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