Ivan Odongo

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Ivan Odongo

Ivan Odongo is the Managing Director of Spradar Ltd. He is reserved, though not all the time. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a surgeon when grew up. He didn’t know he would become a “computer programming” surgeon.

Ivan Odongo

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How would do you describe yourself in a nutshell?
Tough one…uhm lets see, a reserved, self driven and principled person. That should do, I guess.

What’s your academic background?
I went to Kalinaabiri Primary School for my primary where I obtained my PLE certificate. I then went to Kibuli Secondary School where I sat my U.C.E examinations. I then moved to St. Mary’s College Kisubi for where I sat my U.A.C.E examinations. I then got admitted to Makerere University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, which I completed this year, 2012.

What is spradar.com and how does it seek to help individuals and businesses?
Spradar.com is an online social platform whose major objective is to provide advertising solutions to both people and businesses. Spradar.com also seeks to help people network and do business online. Accounts provided by Spradar are called “online business offices” and Spradar.com provides two different kinds of offices; free personal offices and enterprise offices for which monthly subscriptions are paid for.

What makes your spradar.com platform different from similar online systems?
Spradar.com is different from other similar online systems. It does not only provide a platform for people to connect and network like the similar online systems, but it also provides people with a platform on which they can carry out business and hence adding a lot more value to their time and expenditures online.

Is it true that you have made billions from the spradar.com platform?
Hahahahaha…that’s one crazy question! Spradar.com has only been active for a few months now and much as making billions out of it would be really humbling, what would mean so much more to me, is to see Spradar.com become one gigantic online platform, where over a billion people connect with each other every day to network with each other and do business and also where they, the people, enterprises and institutions, can find customers and/or clients for their products and/or services through various advertising solutions provided by Spradar.com.

What’s your take on the new Mercedes Benz presidential limousine that cost over two billion shillings?
It actually cost 2.9 billion shillings. How I wish it would be shocking to hear about it, but unfortunately it isn’t for me. It is very unfortunate that our leaders are focusing more on accumulating for themselves luxuries such as these when the greater percentage of the population is living in poverty. With all due respect to His Excellency, our president, I really think that as Uganda marked 50 years of independence it would have been a wonderful thing if the 2.9 billion was used to do something that would better the lives of the poor such as construction of clean water sources among many other essential things the poor lack in this country.


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