Good Landscaping Can Make Your Hotel More Appealing

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Nov 19, 2016
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Nov 19, 2016

Good Landscaping Can Make Your Hotel More Appealing

The plants, trees or flower beds are the first things a person sees when they step on your property and it will either be so appealing they ignore everything else, or it’ll be an eyesore that drives away guests.

Human beings are easily attracted to good looking things and a very well maintained compound is one of them; the guests will be enticed to book your property due to how kept it is.

Landscaping is the art of improving the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and shrubs.

There are hotels in Uganda like the Kampala Serena or the Jinja Nile Resort whose landscaping always leaves you breathless; the lush lawns and well coordinated colorful flowers with trees all over their compounds, that it leaves one wondering how much money they spend to keep their hotels looking so picturesque.

If you own a hotel, you too can transform that wild bush into a paradise in just a few ways.

Hire Professionals

Everyone thinks that it is easy to keep expansive lawns and gardens looking good and fresh year round, but it does not mean you should hire anyone who claims to. Even gardens need people who are qualified enough to handle them, those who know what plants grow in what season and what flowers will bloom all year round. Once you get a professional, the rest is easy to deal with.

Careful on the trim and prune job

The reason you trim and prune is to keep the plants looking well maintained and taken care of instead of haggard and overgrown. Do not get over excited then leave your garden looking very bare.

Make it colorful

Nothing more welcoming than seeing beautiful arrays of plants and flowers around the gardens of a hotel. A match of many different colors of flowers will keep it very radiant, make sure you have a few perennials which feature some clipped topiary in well placed locations of the garden. With such colors, the flowers look good when placed at the entrance of the foyer or within the centre of your lawns.


Incase you are in the dry season and your lawns look patchy with some parts missing grass, you can plant new grass on the grounds to make them look uniform.

Patchy grass can be an eyesore especially if you have a lot of people treading on it. Watering the grass and making sure it has been well cut regularly will leave it looking healthy.


Design good looking pathways that thread through your gardens throughout the property to keep guests off the grass when they need to access the rest of the hotel.

This helps you easily maintain the flowerbeds and lawns safe from trampling by unruly guests.

Plant Diversity

It is good to mix different species in your gardens if you want to keep them colorful, use plants that accentuate each other in a way that when mixed they create one huge beautiful masterpiece. A good example would be tulips and daffodils, they work color magic to the garden when you plant them together.

Although it is important to not go crazy with the diversity, only use plants you know will grow well alongside the rest, you need to study them before doing so.

Mulching and Weeding

Every garden needs to be properly taken care of so you definitely need to feed it and clean it. Mulching is the process of applying material such as dry grass or leaves to the soil usually on top of the roots to conserve moisture and improve fertility of the soil.

Weeding on the other hand is when you get rid of unwanted plants in the garden; when you regularly weed and mulch, you keep your garden healthy and safe for the plants in it.


All the above can be helpful to increasing your hotel appearance, but making sure that you do not slack when it comes to maintenance and painting jobs for the hotel are very important too.


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