Dj Mary Jo – East Africa’s Finest Female Dj – Five Plus Interview

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Mar 8, 2016
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Dj Mary Jo – East Africa’s Finest Female Dj – Five Plus Interview

Adero Marianne MaryJo AKA Dj Mary Jo is one of the finest supremely versatile female deejays from Uganda who began career over seven years ago with the Ras Clan group where she was mentored.Her versatility had her featured on one of the highly coveted Dj mixes that featured 10 deejays dubbed Amen in 10D Mix,She’s currently attached to platinum Deejayz. We are honoured to have her as our special Women’s Day interview and additionally part of list of Virtuous Women of 2016 (#VirtuousWomen16)


Who is Dj Mary Jo?

Dj Mary Jo is Adero Marianne MaryJo, UG’s illest female Dj and East Africa’s finest female DJ.

When did you start out?

I started out over seven years ago with a group called Ras Clans that use to play at prominent hang outs like DV8,Hunters and to mention but a few. This journey with them began when I hosted them to one of the schools I attended and I was the Entertainment prefect for the leaver’s party and it was then that expressed to them my interest to be part of them since my passion for music was immense. They gave me a condition to finish school then I can join them.

So I scouted for tutorials and within two weeks I had learnt the basics.

What challenges do you face or have you faced?

Well , there are many challenges I face for instance working in the night, the crowds can at some moments get very crazy and maintaining a cool head is not easy .Further more even being a female Dj in male dominated industry is a challenge of its own and not forgetting getting hit-on by several men.

 Mary Jo 1

So, how do you regulate or control that extra attention from the men who are hitting on you?

I do get time off the set and interact one on one with them.


There was an uproar last year where the Ugandan artists were complaining that you Djs give audience to Nigerian Music over Ugandan music, what’s your take on that issue?

In the first case, Ugandan music is really good, loved a lot and played by us the DJs. People have to recognize that we djs are entertainers and play what the fans want to listen to and dictate basing on the trend ,I for one don’t play the songs I like but the songs the fans love. So saying that the djs don’t like Ugandan music is not true.


What do you do to stay afloat and relevant to your Fans?

To stay above your game you have to take lots of time in practice to perfect the your craft in this case Deejaying and further more being keen to study your crowd and provide them a memorable experience.


What would be your advice to an upcoming Dj and would be your tips to him or her to remain relevant?

Hard work, Hard work, hard work. A Dj should invest a lot of time in practice to perfect his/her Dj craft and also take time to study and understand music. In order to remain relevant you have to have good set of values or principles like self-respect and good communication with fans this will create a good bond between you and them.


So, do you hope to be a Dj forever or you hope to turn in your head phones for retirement at a given age?

No, I really don’t see myself retiring because my passion for music is immense.

Amen in 10D -Mary jo

Which Djs have you mentored?

I have mentored Djs like Dj Excel, Allan (though I don’t remember his Dj name), Dj Roclar, Dj Xyzl and many others cause they are so many and I have lost count.


So where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

Oh, I was hoping that you would not ask me that question, anyway we always have plans for the future but at many moments we do not attain them because God has his plan for us, his will supersedes all. But I will still be a Dj though.


How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as the best female Dj Africa has ever had.




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