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Come sell and buy anything from Phones, clothes, shoes, jewelry, boxers, watches, furniture and even cars at the inaugural annual Bank of Africa Car Boot Sale organized in aid of the Sickle Cell Association of Uganda this Saturday, 23rd March 2013 at Legends bar ,Kyadondo Rugby Club.

Venue: Legends Rugby Club.

Date:     Saturday, 23rd March 2013

Time:   9:00am

Fee:        10,000/= Adults , Free Entrance for Children

Over 1000 participants are expected to take part in this event that is changing the lives of sicklers in Uganda. One out of every 5 Ugandans is likely to have a child with sickle cell and this is your chance to make history by taking part in fundraising to buy a Hemoglobin electrophoresis machine used in the diagnosis of the disease.

“The Bank of Africa Car Boot Sale is expected to pave away for the recognition of the plight of sickle cell patients in Uganda. We shall also have a blood donation drive supported by Uganda Red Cross to collect blood for the Sickle Cell patients.” Said Arthur Isiko, Bank of Africa Executive Director

Besides, buying and selling, Bank of Africa team has organized entertainment from an assortment of local artists including big names such as Bebe Cool and Isaiah Katumwa. The little ones will not be left out as bouncing castles; face painting will be available for them. Revelers will also stand a chance of winning a generator from Mantrac through purchase of raffle tickets at the event; each ticket is worth Two Thousand Shillings

A host of celebrities have been called upon to actually sell some of the donated items. Do not be surprised when you find your favorite musician selling to you an autographed item. Entry/participation fee is Ten Thousand Shillings (10,000 SHS) and gates for the event will open at 9:00am.

Editors’ Notes

  • Sickle Cells disease is an inherited change in the structure of the red blood cells in which a mutated form of haemoglobin (Hb) distorts the red blood cells into a ‘sickle’ shape.
  • Normal people have HbA but people with sickle cell Disease have HbS. When oxygen is removed from red blood cells, it rearranges itself and turns the normal round shape of the red blood cell into an abnormal sickle shape. This abnormal sickle shape is responsible for the sickness among people with sickle cell disease.If both parents have the sickle cell trait at each pregnancy, there is a 1 in 4 (25%) chance that the child will pick the trait from both parents & have sickle cell disease a 1 in 4 (25%) chance that the child will be normal & a 2 in 4 (50%) chance that the child will have the harmless sickle cell trait.
    • It is important to note that it is not caused by a curse, worms, bad omen and tribe, E.T.C. 
  • Almost all patients with sickle cell disease have painful episodes (called crises), which can last from hours to days. These crises can affect the bones of the back, the long bones, and the chest, leading to rapid destruction of the red blood cells causing jaundice, pain and swelling of the toes and fingers, patient susceptibility to blood infections due to early damage of spleen, delayed growth and puberty, among others.
  • Sickle Cell patients are advised to:
    • Make diagnosis as early as possible in a hospital
    • Attend sickle cell clinic regularly
    • Take a good balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits & vegetables daily
    • Avoid getting cold or wet these cause pain
    • Fevers need medical attention
    • Prevent malaria & treat it in hospital
    • Drink plenty of fluids daily
    • Do not over exercise
    • Avoid stress it kills adult patients

 Let’s save the lives of sickle cell patients in Uganda

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