Jumia Travel

Oct 30, 2016

Dealing With Jetlag

Traveling is such a fun experience but can be very hectic especially if you are a flyer moving from one time zone to another. The tiring […]
Aug 19, 2016

Handling The Kampala Heatwave

Kampala has been experiencing a heavy heatwave for the past few months with a little rain here and there for some days, then right back to […]
Aug 15, 2016

Essential Travel Apps For 2016

2016 is not the year to slacken, it is the year to go and explore the world and jump out of your comfort zone discover new […]
Aug 12, 2016
Protea Hotel Entebbe

Top Luxury Hotels In Uganda

Every place you travel to always has its own crème de la crème when it comes to hotels and with each location, they will always defer. […]
Aug 8, 2016

Indulging Katogo Cravings

Katogo is one of the most cooked dishes in Uganda especially in Kampala. The city has a number of different tribes from different regions of the […]
Aug 5, 2016
Serena Maisha Spa

Unwinding and Relaxing at The Kampala Serena Maisha Spa

“To a mind that is still, the whole world surrenders..”- Anon After weeks or days of working and tiring your brain out, at times it will […]