Annie the dj-five plus interview

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Dec 17, 2014
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Dec 17, 2014

Annie the dj-five plus interview

As we mark two years ,we bring to you our special anniversary interview with Annie wainaina AKA Annie the Dj who is one of the finest Gospel female Djs from Kenya,she is currently the only female dj of  K-Krew a team of Djs started by Dj Sanch.Shes a graduate of hospitality in food and beverage and she featured in a 10 Dj Mix which we sponsored dubbed AMEN IN 10D,say no more,here is her interview.


Who is Annie the DJ?

She’s a lover of Christ, a sister,friend and auntie to many nieces and nephews.

How does it feel to be among the few female gospel djs and are there any challenges or benefits of being a female dj?

I would say it’s a privilege and i thank God for such a unique calling, like any other job there are challenges ,well,I have to be hard lest i be bullied  by male djs and some client’s who never believe you until they hear or see you behind the decks and ofcourse there’s benefits of being a female dj this is because people appreciate you more than male djs.

What key principles make a good DJ?

For me it’s a self discipline, positive attitude, and a good character.

Amen in 10D -Annie

What do u think are the pillars to betterment of any community?

It all about character.. how you carry your self out there can tell a lot about you.

What are your core values and are there any role models in your life, if so, who are they and why do you look up to them?

My core value is self discipline, having my own principles and I put them first. I look up to dj sanch it terms of skill he doesn’t talk much but when it comes to skill he’s good at his job.

What schools did u attend?

I went to Imprezzah high school, it’s a private day school then before I joined entertainment industry I did hospitality in food and beverage but that wasn’t my passion so I ended up in k-krew djing campus in 2011 jan.

Annie the Dj-G52

What’s your average day like?

When I’m out of town for mission I do at least two schools per day and 4 at most, but when in in the town I wake up at 7am spend an hour in prayer, then I take an hour to get ready then I have to be in the office by nine research on the new music attend to meeting if I have one and at least spend two hour djing practice. I don’t have permanent schedule since my job its not casual.

How and where do u envision yourself in five years?

I want to have my own entertainment company where I’ll be the head dj and ofcourse have risen many other djs especially female, and I want to go back school to study theology in counseling I know that sound weird from a mouth of a dj, so I will be the best counselor in the city, you know I won’t dj at 50s so need to start building up in my old age career 🙂

Any final remarks?

I love ministry that’s why I choose gospel, and I’m a full time dj.



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