Tips For Traveling When Pregnant

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Mar 14, 2017
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Tips For Traveling When Pregnant

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful miracles of nature and with a bundle of joy on the way, you are always going to be handled with care.

Of course just because one is pregnant does not mean they should not go about their business, it only means now you have to do everything else with an extra sense of care. It is now common for most expectant couples to go for a “babymoon” before the baby comes meaning there will be traveling involved. So how does one travel with special cargo on board?

Opt Domestic Destinations

Especially when you are a few weeks away from delivery, traveling near home is a better plan than flying off somewhere further. Traveling within your country means that when the baby makes a surprise appearance, you know where to rush off to during the emergency.

Stay Hydrated

Being that temperature levels in pregnant women always seem to be a little high than normal, it’s important that you hydrate wherever you go. Carry water or juice on you but avoid fizzy drinks since they usually contain caffeine which is not recommended for pregnant women. Good hydration is essential in helping to replenish amniotic fluids and breast milk production.

Time Your Travel

If you are going to travel, plan it according to what stage of the pregnancy you are in. The first trimester usually comes with crazy storms that leave you too weak but it varies in many women. Use the second trimester to enjoy yourself, plan a trip and relax before you become too heavy to be move about.

Choose Your Destination Well

If you are jetting off to a far off place or just traveling within. Make sure; the destination has emergency medical services at all time, the weather is suitable to you and your pregnancy (not too hot or too cold). You need to take to mind if the trip is worth it and why you are going to that destination in the first place.

Plan Ahead

Incase you are in your last months of pregnancy, be ready for anything. Not all babies arrive at their scheduled time, some come early and others a little later. Carry your prenatal card with you, a few baby things to be on the safe side and if you can, cancel the travel plans.

Snack Away

Do not be embarrassed to snack your way through the holiday. Everyone knows that you are eating for two or more so, pack healthy snacks to keep those hunger pangs and cravings away.


Don’t restrict yourself especially when you are flying since you need to stretch. Leave the window seat and take the one next to the corridor since it gives you legroom and doesn’t inconvenience your neighbor during those frequent bathroom runs.

Slow Down

Before you got pregnant, you might have been engaging in a number of activities. This time, do not mind sleeping through the day at pool or just doing yoga whilst everyone else is off doing something adventurous. Enjoy this lone Mummy and baby time.

Enjoy Yourself

Whatever holiday you choose, enjoy yourself. Look for activities that will work well with your condition and make memories.




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