Sandra Asio – Five Plus Interview

Sep 10, 2013
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Sep 17, 2013

Sandra Asio – Five Plus Interview

Sandra Asio is the Managing Director of Lets Mingle Uganda and is also an Administration Officer at National Insurance Corporation Ltd. She is a dreamer and believes dreams come true, which is why she works hard to see hers do. Luckily enough, she loves to work hard and be creative. Read on to find out more about this spectacular individual, 

Give a sneak pick of who Sandra Asio is.

The essence of who I am? I love life, like to have fun, the biggest thing for me is my love for adventure, i like to try new things, i love to experience new things, new places, food, people, books everything really it’s all very fascinating to me. I love T.V a little too much sometimes i forget there people around me i’m in the zone so everyone gets zoned out, i’m a sucker for crime stories have no idea why though.  I am the last born child in a 12 sibling family which has always been amazing for me, i have 11 siblings looking out for always and to whom Look up to, then i have these amazing parents from whom i learnt loyalty and hard work and i got plenty of encouragement. Most importantly i’m a Christian, God’s love for me is the most important asset in my life i know i’m here because of Him. That’s what i’m about really very simple girl, can’t think of anything else right now

Which schools did you go to?

Wow let me try to make my very short autobiography long, I started off at Mackinnon road nursery school, went on to Nakasero primary for about 2 years then begun the grueling, skin thickening boarding school journey with Namagunga Primary School. Secondary O-level i was in Uganda Martyrs Namugongo then A-level moved on to St Joseph’s Girls Nsambya. University did Makerere University Business School a.k.a MUBS. Now i am trying learn French for now that’s it for me, next year maybe some more, i hope!

What is Mingle Uganda and who will benefit from it?

Mingle Uganda is primarily an events company will soon be diversifying, our most popular event is the “Speed dating Extravaganza” its a fun way for people to meet new people and build there personal and professional networks, our target is the 24-40 year old who’s career has gotten in the way of their socializing and “mingling” with other people. People build each other up, so Mingle Uganda is trying to achieve that through helping people get together and network. Contrary to the popular opinion of speed dating it is not a match making service or aimed at hook ups or meant for desperate people, it is a simple platform for networking what comes out of it is completely uncontrolled by us, if you find love, good for you!, if you make a business acquaintance that’s awesome too, someone to just hang out with that’s great too, we are aiming to help people meet new people and have less strangers in their lives.

Do people really need this service,if so why?

Yes i would most definitely say people need this very much for the simple fact that it’s instrumental in our dire need to build community. The habit of doing things a certain way has robbed us of the opportunity to experience new things, for example most people’s assumption is that friends, lovers, spouses, business relations and acquaintances are to be made in what i would term as “legitimate places” like school, the university, church, mosque, office and a few others, speed dating a new experience if done with the such intentions is a door for such relationships to grow, the chances are limitless, you really never know what can happen with speed dating in as far as building personal and professional relationships goes. We cater for the shy person who won’t be able to walk up to a stranger say hi, for the social butterfly that wants to get to know as many people as possible, we are breaking people out of their cacuns and comfort zones and exposing them to new people. Just creating “one less stranger” in people’s lives rebuilding community in our own very small but effective way, that’s why it’s important.

Why the name Mingle?

Mingling is exactly what I was trying to achieve with having complete strangers meet for the first time and go away knowing each other and having less strangers in their lives, my target is to have people who enjoy their comfort zones a little too much step out discover a whole new world, say you are a lawyer hanging out with only lawyers getting to meet businessmen, doctors, models, I.T people and so many other it’s really nice. Mingle also just has this really nice ring to it, don’t you think.

Are married,dating or single?

No i’m not married when that changes i’ll let you know.

If you were the president of Uganda what would you change?

There is one thing that would be at the top of my list! Changing the politics of the country, or the negativity it creates, there is so much hate and animosity around Ugandan politics and worst of all it has spillage to the ordinary people which is disturbing, for a while i stopped watching local news because it was so disappointing and embarrassing watch politicians, adults “leaders” go at it like children, when focus on politics changes then real issues like poverty, health, education take center stage because no energy will be spent on pointing fingers rather joining hands building this nation as a community,

Candle light dinner or out with the girls ?

Both i suppose, mix it up a little.

Any final remarks?

My last remarks, i’ll quote something i read somewhere that was of great encouragement to me, “Don’t deny yourself the joy of your dreams. Don’t doubt yourself or your ability to do what you are doing to reach your goals. Don’t beat up on yourself for what may seem like a mistake or a waste of time. Keep on believing it was necessary for you to walk that path and to learn those lessons” Iyanla Vanzant. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do this it’s been good.


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