Apr 20, 2017
Google Chrome

Google is reportedly adding an ad blocker to its mega-popular Chrome browser

Google is reportedly developing a way to block ads directly from the Google Chrome Browser, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The […]
Sep 28, 2015

Preparing for a demo? Have you appeased the gods?

Ladies and gentlemen I speak to you as a convert…NO….an oracle of the gods. Forget about the football gods, those are just wimps, the ones you […]
Jul 9, 2015

5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data and Your Reputation Safe

Thinking of ditching your Facebook account? You’re in good company. A study fromCornell suggests that 33 percent of all Facebook users take periodic breaks from the […]
Jun 22, 2015

Apple Pay: what does the future hold for businesses?

The virtual wallet is far from a new concept – but Apple’s new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, is a step in the direction of making […]
Jan 11, 2015

The biggest threats to the internet

With over seven billion people on the planet and approximately 40% of them online, the internet is one of the most important resources to protect, but […]
Jan 11, 2015

Employee monitoring software: top four on the market

A degree of autonomy is always required in order for employees to do their jobs, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep track of employee activities when […]