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Jan 14, 2013
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Nigel Ball

Nigel Ball is the Former Director of Mara foundation in Uganda situated at Ham Towers along Makerere Hillroad. He is a welcoming dynamic gentleman with a sharp eye for investment and innovation. Below is the talk we had with him.

Nigel Ball

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What is Mara Foundation all about and what does it do?
We are the social enterprise for emerging African entrepreneurs. That means that we find the most exciting and dynamic young innovators in the continent, and support them to grow their businesses.

How has Mara Foundation Helped nurture ,improve and promote young, upcoming businesses?
In three ways: the first is mentorship, whereby we connect young entrepreneurs with established business leaders who offer them the benefit of their experience and networks. The second is Mara Launchpad, which provides a community space for entrepreneurs to run their businesses, complete with regular knowledge and networking events. The third is Mara Launch Fund, a scaled-down venture capital fund which invests money into small, innovative businesses.

What is your take on Ugandan businesses? Do they have a bright future? What is your assesment on the causes of high business failure?
There is a lot of opportunity in Uganda and young entrepreneurs are always passionate, committed and knowledgeable in their chosen business. However, there are gaps and it is these gaps which often cause businesses to fail. The gaps include lack of experience, lack of credibility and lack of capital. Through our three service offerings we hope to play a key role in closing these gaps.


Which country are you from and what was your experience when you arrived in Uganda?
I am British. I have lived in Uganda for a few years now and I find it a really exciting place to work, where things are really happening!

Whats your favourite Ugandan food?
Food from the north – kalo, malakwang and so on. It is hard to get in Kampala!

Are you married or Dating?
I might be…

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