How to do the keyword research for your SEO Project in 3 easy steps.

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How to do the keyword research for your SEO Project in 3 easy steps.

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Keyword research is a critical phase and it’s the foundation of SEO; it’s also important to understand that keyword research is not an automatic solution like most SEO Juniors do nowadays, it’s not putting few keywords into keyword planner and hit the magic button.

its way more than that, and as the name suggests, it’s a research process of actively looking and hunting for keywords that relevant first, have good search volume and not very competitive.

For example, take this keyword “digital marketing consultant Malaysia” are considered long tail and have more weight to it, the search engine can understand what we were looking for and fetch it for us. It knows that we were searching for digital marketing consultants who located in Malaysia, it’s also know that this inquiry is the local inquiry and hence it will show us local results.

Step 1: Start with understanding your product/service

When it comes to doing a keyword research, it’s not that complex. It’s as the name suggests and it’s mostly research, the first step is always to understand the product or service you offer; a good start is with your competitors, try to understand what people are writing to find their products.

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Step 2: Build Buyer Personas

After researching your competitors, the next step is building Personas (Understanding the consumer mentality). By trying to figuring out who are your customers, you can get more profound insights into what they like, hate, what solutions they need, all that can translate later on into keywords that they use in a daily basis to find your products.

Step 3: Generate the related keyword list with keyword planners

After the research and the personas you already have the deep level of understanding about your customers, now you need a tool that gives you a list of suggested keywords with traffic volume, the best tool for that is keyword planner from Google.

After you generate a long list of keywords from keyword planner, it’s time to filter them out into primary and secondary keywords, and then map each to the page, you want to rank for.


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Author: Saif Abbas , a talented SEO consultant based in Malaysia

Source : Saif’s Blog

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