Sunny Red Dress

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Nov 16, 2016
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Nov 19, 2016

Sunny Red Dress


I Love weekends and public holidays especially sunny ones because I get to be really creative.It can be really time consuming though, sometimes I take up to 2 hours trying to find the perfect outfit for the day.  Weekends come with a freeing feel!  Ultimately I want to let my legs out! Shorts (Mid- thigh length) are my ideal weekend style but oh well, I live in Uganda. They are considered indecent here, using public means of transport does not make it any easier!

Being comfortable for me is the ideal fashion statement, so I try to stay far away from shorts.?  I will make sure I travel during summer to Europe or America so I can wear shorts every day, lol.

This red dress does it for me on these days, it is different and colorful.
sunny red drops-fashion
Unlike most African fabric, it is not busy. It is simple and reflects how i feel how I feel on holidays.


Thank you for reading,

Love, Rebecca.

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Rebecca Nanjego
Rebecca Nanjego
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