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Mar 12, 2019

When was the last time you donated blood?

Growing up while in lower high school, I remember one day a team from the blood bank visited our school in hopes of getting more blood […]
Oct 23, 2018

5 ways to relieve stress

Stress is the effect of demand or threat to your body and it is because your body is trying to defend itself in a process called […]
Nov 12, 2017
Fitness ONEQN

12 Ways Fitness And Health Can Boost Your Confidence

Feeling low on confidence and self-esteem? It may not be just your mental health playing up on you. It could be your overall lifestyle. By focusing […]
Apr 27, 2017

A Vacation For The Soul

It’s quite amazing how we think there is very little we as human beings can do alone. You do not picture yourself taking adventures and having […]
Apr 26, 2017

Apps That Will Make Your Life In Kampala Easier

You cannot fail to admit that technological advancements have led to so many improvements in the general daily activities for almost everyone in the world. When […]
Apr 12, 2017

A Week Through Kampala’s Favourite Restaurants

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa.” Uganda has many delicious cuisines many of which represent the tribes and cultures served across […]