Mar 7, 2013

Who Really Runs the World?

Who really runs the world? (Or ruins it for that matter?) I wonder. Is humanity in the hands of clerics? Or at the mercy of politics? […]
Mar 1, 2013

Festo and Ejakait, Episode 3: Explain Yourself!

(Continued from previous story) I have introduced you to Festo and Ejakait, I believe. They are the ones whose level of intelligence, if solidified, would still be […]
Feb 15, 2013

Send Those Kids to School

We were supposed to see what happened to Ejakait this week, but I m the one churning out these fantastic tales, so I decide on what […]
Feb 8, 2013

Festo and Ejakait, Episode 2: Bank Scene, Take 1

I have introduced you to Festo and Ejakait, haven’t I? They are the two prize idiots. They each beat that nutcase relative of yours by far. […]
Feb 1, 2013

Disgruntled Teachers: Episode 2

It’s like the conductor had quenched a fire. There was an uneasy silence all of a sudden It made one realize how much noise the teachers had […]
Jan 16, 2013

Disgruntled Teachers, Episode 1

Have you ever sat in a taxi that is choke full of disgruntled secondary school teachers? Mine was quite an experience. It was about 8:30pm and […]