Sep 9, 2016

Move On Already

Heartbreak can be devastating!!! It can shutter you entirely and also. Some times worse than others depending on how committed you were to making it work […]
Jul 19, 2013

How to Set Up and Be a DJ

In our previous article, (save me the flashy grammatical intros writers and bloggers use, I will get down to business on this one.) we spot lit […]
Jul 18, 2013

The Men of 18 July

My Desktop calendar says 18 July. Today is that day. Maurice Kirya will be doing his long awaited thingy later on in the evening. As well, […]
Jul 14, 2013

Mzungu Guide to Kampala, Issue 1

Howdy, and welcome to Kampala. I hope you had a great flight, or a series of great flights, depending on where you came from and how […]
Jun 28, 2013


DEEJAYING AND HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST EQUIPMENT Most of us go out and party but some of us want to be the ones dropping those […]
Jun 20, 2013

How to Pass for an Artiste

You don’t just join this field fwaa. Many have tried, and they have failed… so they pull stunts that are close but are not the real […]