As humans, we have been convinced that we were all born non-conformists with the biblical sin that saw Adam and Eve fall short of God’s glory and ultimately banished from the Garden of Eden; and so, no mortal soul passes for a perfectionist. To this end, the sin subsequently became a generational curse passed on from one generation to another and with it came punishments thus; toiling for survival for men and immense labor pains for the fairer sex, the women.

Today, work however boring and in whatever form is key to survival lest one is left to while away his lifetime agonizingly importuning for alms even in the worst of fashions. Invariably however, both man and woman have to struggle and toil for survival. With this, am inclined to think that God must be a strong advocate for women emancipation! (I am not blaspheming). Forgive me for my indiscretion but f**k, I am one of those people that strongly ridicule wayward people. To put it more clear, those that really do the unnaturally deemed opposite. Talk of roadside sex vendors (prostitutes), gigolos (good heavens) and the gay people (Lord have mercy). I must say, last year I had an opportunity to meet some of them and have exchanged information about their lives. Interestingly, this small research unearthed reasons for their nature and the reasons were strictly within the confines of being naturally genetic, human rights, curiosity and deplorably survival. The biggest reason I realized is survival despite other reasons reinforcing this.

I shall not point fingers in the name of blaming people for choosing such paths despite the fact that we only live once save for the Hindu that believe in reincarnation a thing that my personal religious convictions deter me from. It is also traumatizing to think that at with all the wisdom mankind was given, it is summed up in simply doing the opposite and you will be immensely rich. I have imagined what parents to these people think especially considering that they have protected them from many things that may hurt them right from birth to the point when they declare otherwise (just imagine porn stars). Someone recently asked me whether I thought Lord Resistance Army leader was also jealously protected by his mother from any danger just like most mothers protect their little ones or did she act like a snake that leaves its eggs to hatch, the little snakes to hustle for food and later on fight with its parent for territorial dominance? In my opinion, the poor woman never knew she was protecting a monster or probably the young one of the devil himself (Not suggesting that she literally slept with the devil. What does it matter anyway?)

So, we all choose our destinies that only God helps us shape. I personally can’t claim to be a perfectionist but I also still devise means of survival, how come these have never crossed my mind? I have always strongly prayed our African virtues are upheld and passed on to several different generations hereafter but as things stand, I need to pray harder seeking divine intervention about this subject lest we are headed for doom. If survival is the issue, did you know everything around you is a source of income be it dust, waste or stones? Just wildly think about it. The ugly bit about it is that at the beginning of the year, we all quickly delve into setting goals whether attainable or not and as the year goes on, the madness tones down. Somehow problems and different issues may outweigh you but losing hope should never be an option. The Swahili say shida za dunia loosely translated as “problems of the world” but self proclaimed doctor because of the surgery he does music Dr. Jose Chameleon a son of the soil says tunavumilia literally meaning “we are persevering” and that’s what life is all about. So when you think of giving up, look at how far you have come and the people who look up to you or simply closely listen to the lyrics of club banging hit Azonto. Funny as it may sound, the message will lighten your mood. Hope is the last thing one should ever lose. Like John walker, I shall say Keep walking. Till then, I remain Sos.



The views expressed above are highly subjective to the author and not The One Question Network or its management


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